Our story begin after noticing skin irritation while using everyday store bought skin and hair care products. We begin seeking out natural products to promote our healthy lifestyle and help us to get rid of the skin irritations. We started handcrafting our own skin care products and using some of the world's best products that are formed naturally, and the rest as they say, "is history". Since using the natural products that we found, we have eliminated all of our skin care issues and gained healthier, softer, and moisturized skin and hair. We wanted to pass on these wonderful products to people like ourselves, who are tired of using products with ingredients unknown and hard to pronounce. Most of the ingredients in those products are not healthy for our skin and hair and often cause allergies, irritations, and side effects that we may not know about!

 We hope that people all over the world can benefit from our quality low cost products that are safe for all, no matter what your skin or hair type. We believe that "health does equal beauty" and our name speaks for itself. Join the journey with us as we search for a healthier and more beautiful life!

Our handmade body butters are made to order. You can count on a fresh whipped batch of butters at each order. You will be truly satisfied.

Our products contain all natural ingredients and some contain fragrance oils for your added pleasure. However if you would like an unscented product simply look for the unscented options that are offered in all of our butters. Our body butters contain no preservatives.

Our Mission

Health equal Beauty specializes in bringing you the best natural products for your entire family at affordable prices.

Our Commitment to You

Our company carefully selects each product that we bring to you to ensure that you are provided with a wide range of choices to support your health and beauty.

We believe that "Health does equal Beauty."