Hem Aloe Vera Incense Sticks pk of 20

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Aloe Vera is a well known plant that is used to treat the outside of the body including the hair and scalp, as well as internally. This fragrant incense is sure to bring in a air of fresh and healing aromatic experience.

Imported from India this incense was made by one of the leading incense makers in the world. The quality is truly evident from the packaging to the aroma.

Read more to learn about the benefits of using these incense sticks in your daily regimen.

Hem Incense sticks are made by creating the best mixture of essential oils, barks, flowers, resins and they are worked into a tar like roll, or they are just blended together. Then the charcoal is added so that blending of all the mixture takes in the proper formation. The combination of all these creates an amazing and pleasant aromatic smell.

Benefits of Using a Hem  incense stick:

  • It refreshes your heart, mind and soul

  • It purifies the surroundings and makes it pleasant

  • It gives a moment of peaceful feeling in our busy life

  • It calms and sooths your mind

  • It is loved by one and all

  • It helps in meditation

  • You get a sense of sacredness and sanctity while praying

  • Brings peace and tranquillity at home

  • It helps to relax your nerves and gives you a good sleep

  • Used everyday, it does not harm.

How to Burn Incense Sticks

Step 1:- An Incense Stick Holder

Holder is required to collect all the ashes at one place. Holder can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

Step 2:- Light the coated side of the stick with a match or lighter flame

Hold the flame to the stick until it holds its own flame

Step 3:- Let the flame burn for a few seconds

Step 4:- Blow the flame off

Blow the flame off and you will see a cherry burning on the stick. Smoke will rise and the fragrance of the incense stick will spread all over the place.

Step 5:- If you don’t see a cherry light on the Incense stick, Re-light it.