Moist and Shine Hair Conditioner & Pomade 2 oz


Be good to your hair and scalp and try our Moist and Shine line!

This all natural hair conditioner and pomade is a perfect blend of hair and scalp loving oils and ingredients that promote growth, nourish the scalp, add shine, and a light hold to the hair. Each ingredient was chosen for its nutrient rich, healing, and restorative properties for the hair and scalp. This perfect size is great for on the go or when you need it! A little goes a long way! Smells wonderful!

This product is perfect for men, women, and children with all hair textures and types such as:

Curly, Wavy, Kinky, Straight, and those going through transitioning hair stages

It is enhanced with pure Aloe Vera gel, Rosemary oil, Tree Tree oil, Vitamin E, Olive oil, Argan oil, Castor Seed Oil, and Castor oil!

Ingredients: Castor Seed oil, Castor oil, Beeswax, Carnauba wax, Olive oil, Vitamin E oil, Aloe Vera gel, Argan oil, Rosemary essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil, Fragrance oil