Pure African Black Soap 1 lb block

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Pure African black soap in a large 1 lb block. 

Benefits and Uses:  Many have shown beneficial results in treating and preventing Acne removing scars and blemishes and clearing skin tones. This soap is also a natural alternative for those with Eczema and sensitive skin to keep their skin healthy and prevent common flare-ups.   Others have noticed that our African Black Soap has healed and prevented common skin disorders such as Athlete's Foot, Dandruff, rashes, Skin Scales and much more.  African Black Soap can also be used as hand soap.

High in Vitamins A and E This soap is a natural Universal Cleanser most popular but not limited to skin. It can be used all over the body, as shampoo, and for children and babies. This soap treats dry, normal, oily, and combination skin.

Scent: This soap has a natural earth and woodsy scent with no added fragrances.

Ingredients: Palm oil, palm kernel oil. dried plantain skin ash, unrefined Shea butter, cocoa pod ash

 African Black Soap (Alata Samina) is a modern day, phenomena...free of synthetic chemicals, with centuries old roots in West Africa. This all-natural universal cleanser is derived from the skin of Plantains, which is a popular fruit and source of food in many parts of the world. Similar to a banana, the plantain fruit has to be cut and is usually cooked in contrast to a Desert Banana, which is sweet. Plantains taste much like a potato and are high in Vitamins A, E and Iron.